Wellness Detective Comments:  Earlier this summer, we received a case of Original Zico Coconut Water to sample and taste test.   I, Lynn Manwar drink coconut water daily to and it was great to try out another brand.  I drink coconut water to replenish electrolytes in my body and cleanse my system.   Some benefits of Zico included:

  • smooth texture and taste
  • pure premium coconut water from concentrate
  • good packaging for reuse and storage
  • gluten free
  • excellent source of potassium
  • low sugar content

I highly recommend that you try this brand of coconut water and see for yourself.  It is refreshing and  a much better alternative to juice or soda pop which is full of high sugars.



Wellness Detective Comments:  I decided to take charge of my life and was seeking a personalized fitness program beyond going to Goodlife Fitness monthly since April 2014.   After being home from Fall 2013 and not working out regularly as I used to, I did some research, I came across the Wellspring Exercise Program for cancer survivors.   I started on July 29th, 2014 and I have been 2 weeks into the 30 week program.   The commitment involves:

  • attending classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-7pm for 10 weeks
  • attending classes weekly for 20 weeks

So far, my personal exercise routine includes:

  • 5 rounds of 3 minute  cardio sessions which  can include trampoline, treadmill, arm machine or hallway walking
  • 2lb weights of 2 sets of 10
  • green arm pulleys to stretch my arms and back of 2 sets of 12 pulls
  • 2 sets of 12 toe raises
  • elbow arm stretches
  • walking fingers on the wall stretches

It’s been good so far and after the first week, my body was a bit aching, but things have improved.   I definitely know it will do my body GOOD! STAY TUNED…..



Wellness Detective Comments:  I started seeing a Chinese Acupuncturist and Auricular specialist in May 2014 of this year.   My aunt discovered him at the Total Health Show in Toronto the month before and found his diagnosis of her issues, extremely accurate.   I also went by him for an assessment near the end of April 2014, and was amazed that the tools he used to assessment revealed the same as my hospital CT scans and bone scans.    I knew what he was talking about made sense.   The first several weeks of treatment he put small stickers in my ear, with small metal balls which puts accessed my pressure points to detoxify my body from the effects of previous chemo and radiation treatments.     My other family members have been taking auricular therapy and have had benefits such as reducing medication intake.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?What-is-Auricular-Therapy?&id=1881775

Source:  http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Vahila

The ear is one of many reflex systems that comprise the body.  A reflex system is where the whole body is represented in a part of the body.  Sometimes referred to as “microsystems,”  they are 2 way communication systems of the body.  They reflect the condition of a part of the body and can also treat it.  The most familiar reflex systems are hand and foot reflexology.  Auricular therapy is the evaluation and stimulation of the external ear for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in other parts of the body.

Auricular Therapy has been used for thousands of years. Early Chinese doctors used the ear in diagnosis and treatment.  Hippocrates bled points behind the ears for impotence and sciatic pain.  In the European Middle Ages medical texts report treatment the of ear for sciatic pain.  In 1956, Dr. Paul Nogier of France, developed a complete map of the ear as a reflex system.  He created a model using an inverted fetus as basic image.  His work has been validated by doctors around the world.   In 1973, in New York, Dr. Michael Smith  developed a protocol for withdrawal from substance abuse by treating 5 points on the ear. He formed National Acupuncture Detoxification Association( NADA).
Used by acupuncturists, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists and other health care providers, auricular therapy is one of the lesser known, though extremely effective alternative healing modalities. Points on the ear can be stimulated by manual pressure, needles, lasers, magnets, and ear acupressure pellets.  Auricular therapy without needles can be as effective as acupuncture. In 1990, the Director of the World Health Organization said “Auricular acupuncture is probably the most developed and best documented, scientifically, of all the microsystems of acupuncture and is the most practical and widely used.”
One of the most surprising aspects of auricular therapy is that almost any condition can benefit from auricular treatment.   Treatment of pain, stress, insomnia, addictions, anxiety, arthritis, headaches, menopause and many other conditions can be enhanced with the addition of auricular therapy.  It is intended to be an adjunct to other forms of therapy. It is not intended to be a replacement for other appropriate medical care.
Research in China has established that Auricular Therapy is effective in 85% of cases and can treat over 200 diseases and disorders.  In 1980, the UCLA Pain Management Center conducted a double blind study to verify the scientific accuracy of auricular diagnosis. It found a 75% accuracy rate in diagnosing Musculoskeletal pain problems through observation and palpation of the ear.  A study at the Adelaide University, South Australia tested auricular therapy in weight loss.  It found that auricular therapy can suppress appetite.  The number of people who lost weight and the amount of weight lost was significantly higher in the auricular therapy group.

All of this points to one amazing health and wellness healing modality – and the ears have it!

Michael Vahila, L. AC, LMT.

Michael Vahila is a National Board Certified Acupuncturist (NCCAOM), and Licensed Massage Therapist. In addition to his private acupuncture and massage therapy practice, he teaches the massage therapy program at Stark State College in Canton, Ohio. He also offers advanced seminars for health care providers.



Wellness Detective Comments:
I was first introduced to restorative yoga in Summer 2013.   I had just finished treatment for breast cancer the year before and was starting to get back into exercise.  It was called, Stretch, Heal and Grow and I spent a weekend with other breast cancer survivors.  We learned very simple moves, that was so gentle on my body.  It felt great.  I highly recommend you explore restorative yoga further.   Here’s a guest post from Donna Sellers:

Rest. Relax. Restore. Reduce Pain and Weight Too. Who Knew?!
Lately, it seems as if everywhere I turn, I come across research touting the benefits of Restorative Yoga.  It helps to reduce pain.  It is more effective than stretching for losing weight.  It provides relief if you suffer from anxiety or depression.  It’s an awesome stress buster.  In short, it seems that Restorative Yoga is a brilliant practice for whatever ails you.  It’s a deceptively simple practice, and the great news is that you don’t need to be physically fit.  And it can be done anywhere (a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed is best). 

Restorative Yoga is the practice of becoming completely still.

Using props (blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps), you move into various positions, and use the support of props underneath any part of your body that doesn’t quite touch the floor.  The result?  You feel calmer, more relaxed, and incredibly well rested in a very short period of time.  It’s a sublime feeling that, given the frenetic pace of our culture, you might not have felt for a long time!   Simple breathing practices can also help if you are feeling anxious or depressed.

Rest to the body means healing.  It means rest for your overworked adrenal glands, mightily pumping out the stress hormone cortisol, each time you feel excited or stressed.   (Which could be most of the day, every day.)  Too much cortisol over long periods can cause everything from sleep disturbance to lowered immunity to inability to think clearly.

If your adrenals become fatigued from overstimulation, you may suffer from the effects of too little cortisol, potentially causing fatigue, brain fog, and inflammation.  

So do your hardworking adrenals a favour.  Find a Restorative yoga class near you and try one soon.  Every other Monday we do a Restorative practice starting at 7 pm, and Saturdays in May and June will be devoted to Restorative yoga from 9:15 am to 10:30 am.  Space is limited – call to register and confirm your spot.

Donna Sellers, E-RYT500



Wellness Detective Comments:  I started taking calcium supplements several years ago at the recommendation of my family doctor.  Right now, I am taking about 1500mg of calcium at the recommendation of my specialist.  Calcium is good for the bones and important for someone who follows a vegan diet and doesn’t consume much dairy products at all such as myself.  Here is an article on how calcium benefits the body.

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Henri_K._Junttila

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3645512

The mineral calcium is found in the human body, in higher amounts than any other mineral. Most of the calcium that your body contains is found in your teeth and bones, with a very little quantity flowing in your bloodstream as well.

Calcium is vital for a healthy body and many functions of your body. One of the main benefits of calcium is that it keeps your bones strong, minimizes loss of bone density, and thus reduces your risk of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

In addition to keeping your teeth and bones in top condition, calcium also plays an essential role in regulating your blood pressure, so as to take the load off your heart.

For all these, and more, health reasons, it is necessary that you get the required amount of calcium every day.

Although dairy products and various other foodstuffs are very good sources of calcium; most people do not have a balanced diet and so don’t get all the calcium that is a must for a healthy body.

The Need For Calcium Supplements

As mentioned above, the average American does not even get half his daily requirement of calcium from the food that they eat. Also, there are many people who do not consume any kind of dairy products for various reasons, such as:

o Low tolerance of lactose
o Following a vegan diet (where dairy products are an absolute no-no)
o In order to lose weight (as dairy products have high fat content)

Due to all these factors, it becomes almost impossible for most people to intake the required amounts of this essential mineral. Thus, calcium supplements are the only answer for all your calcium needs.

Benefits of Taking Calcium Supplements

1) These supplements are a very easy and convenient way of ensuring that your body gets all the calcium that it requires for optimum functioning.

2) With a calcium supplement, you do not constantly have to keep track of what you have eaten and if your diet had enough calcium.

3) Natural supplements will not interfere with a vegan diet, will not cause you to gain weight, and are thus beneficial in many ways.

Taking Calcium Supplements

When you start taking calcium supplements, it is important that you take the right amounts. Too much, or too little, can be detrimental to your well being.

Effects of too much calcium:

o Too much calcium can interfere with the absorption of other essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and iron.
o Too much calcium has often been seen to result in the formation of kidney stones.

Effects of too little calcium:

o Too little calcium will result in your body losing bone mass, which can cause serious health problems.
o Too little calcium can also cause muscle spasms, cramping, and pain.

Thus, you should take calcium supplements as per RDA guidelines, which are:

- 1000mg for people between the ages of 19 and 50.
- 1200mg for those above 50.

Buying Advice For Calcium Supplements

Only buy those calcium supplements that are made by pharmaceutical GMP compliant makers, so as to get a quality product.

Try and buy calcium supplements that are as natural as possible and do not contain any added flavors or fillers, which could be harmful to your health.

Calcium supplements that contain calcium carbonate are very popular as they are cheaper than other calcium supplements. But you should avoid buying calcium supplements with calcium carbonate and buy those that have calcium citrate, as the citrate form is much better absorbed by the body than the other type

Through my research I’ve realized that the best way to get calcium is through a natural, cutting-edge multivitamin supplement. I have even recommended a good one to my friends and family, which has helped them a lot, so do your research and start improving your health today!

If you’re interested in learning the secrets of finding the best natural multivitamin with calcium and dramatically improving your health, visit my website, where I share what products I personally use for fast, safe and effective results.

Visit my website at: http://www.natural-supplements-advice.com/


Wellness Detective Comments:
My life changed dramatically in Fall 2013.   Out of the blue, I had my first brain seizure and the very next day, I met with a brain surgeon and on October 16th, 2013, I underwent a right craniectomy (removal of the portion of the skull), duraplasty (repair of the covering of the brain) and cranioplasty (articifical repair of the skull).   It was one of the most challenging surgeries I have ever had.  I left surgery with a big turban bandage around my head and had to use a walker to start walking post surgery.   The left side of my leg was weak, as they operated on the right side of my brain.

During my hospital stay I just had 3 friends visit me and one friend helped me practice walking.   In 2 days, it will make it 6 months since I had surgery and I have come along way.   Right now, it’s new beginnings for me for:

  • exercise
  • diet
  • walking
  • back strength
  • food preparation and cooking
  • friendships & relationships
  • bathing myself (without the help of a personal support worker).

I embrace this new phase of my life fully.  I pray and ask that you pray for me as well and send me your good wishes.Til next time, please share your new beginnings with me!

With Love,

Lynn Manwar



Wellness Detective Comments:  I had visited a hypnotherapist in December 2012 and I learned some techniques for healing.  Based on what I learned, I have adapted it and created my own healing exercise called:






Wellness Detective Comments:  I have been eating Kale for several years now since I started my raw food lifestyle.  I usually put Kale into my morning green smoothies.   My recipe is:

  • 3 leaves of kale
  • 1.5 cups of almond milk
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon of tumeric powder
  • 1/2 teampsoon of chia seeds

This green smoothie gives me energy in the mornings and is part f my daily routine.   There are 25 Benefits of Eating Kale this summarized in this article:

Source:  http://theweightlosslie.com/healthy-eating/25-extraordinary-health-benefits-of-eating-kale/

1) Low Calorie: With obesity higher than ever, it is increasingly important to eat nutritious foods that are low in calories, and kale is among one of the lowest. At only 33 calories per serving (1 cup) you could eat as much kale as you ever wanted and wouldn’t gain a single ounce!

2) Kale has vitamin K: Vitamin K is important for a huge variety of health issues. It is a natural blood thickener, helps you build strong bones and is great for your heart health. There are also increasing studies that vitamin K helps to fight several types of cancer.

3) Kale has manganese: Manganese is important for several health reasons. It helps your body build strong bones and it also has benefits for your skin, because it is part of an enzyme known as manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD), which is important in the fight against UV damage from the sun.


4) Kale has copper: We don’t hear about copper very much, but it plays a large role in our health, filling your cells with energy and helping to build strong tissue and maintain your blood volume.

5) Kale has vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 plays a very important part of our overall health. This important vitamin is used to treat allergies, asthma, high cholesterol, migraines and a wide range of other illnesses.

6) Kale has fiber: We hear a lot about getting our daily fiber, but why is it so helpful to our body? Fiber controls blood sugar, promotes good heart health, helps prevent stroke, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), skin health, weight loss, hemorrhoids and even has been shown to reduce the risk of kidney stones.

7) Kale has calcium: We all know how important getting enough calcium is to our bone strength and health, but what else does this element do for us? Calcium also helps promote the burning of fat in our body, instead of the storage of it. It is also good for your heart, treating PMS and has been shown to fight cancer.

8) Kale has potassium: Potassium is one of the most important elements in the human body, providing all kinds of benefits and fighting all sorts of disorders. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure, reduces anxiety and stress, regulates fluid levels in the body and even is beneficial to brain functions such as memory and learning.

9) Kale has vitamin E: It is estimated that 90% of Americans are not getting enough vitamin E in our diets. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that has been shown to help repair cell damage and is great for skin health.

10) Kale has vitamin B2: Did you know vitamin B2 helps process carbohydrates? This important vitamin also can be used to prevent migraine headaches, treat anemia, make the skin clearer, tissue repair and even regulates your thyroid.

11) Kale has iron: You already know how important iron is for fighting anemia, but what about some other great health benefits of iron? Iron also helps in the formation of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen through your body. It also helps in brain function by delivering more oxygen to the brain, and also plays a vital role in our muscle function. And as a bonus, kale has more iron than beef per calorie!

12) Kale has magnesium: An estimated 80% of Americans are not getting enough magnesium in their diet. Magnesium provides a wide array of health benefits, including formation of teeth and bones, blood sugar regulation, treatment of diabetes, PMS and migraines.

13) Kale has vitamin B1: Thiamine, or vitamin B1 is a very important vitamin for the human body. It helps to convert sugar into energy and helps produce acetyl-choline which helps deliver messages to muscles and nerves, which make sure that your heartbeat is regular and healthy!

14) Kale has Omega-3 fats: Omega-3 fatty acids have a huge range of health benefits. Omega 3 fats have been shown to reduce bipolar disorder symptoms, treat rheumatoid arthritis, increase cardiovascular health and a reduction in sudden death for patients who have experienced a heart attack. The health benefits of omega 3 fats are almost endless, and have even been shown to treat depression.

15) Kale has protein: You already know how important protein is, but may not be aware that many plant foods are rich with this vital building block of our lives. Protein is responsible for our development, blood replenishment, dead cell replacement and of course providing our body with energy to get through the day.

16) Kale has Folate (Folic Acid): Folic Acid (Vitamin B12) is vital for cell health in our body and a wide range of other health benefits as well. Folic Acid helps in the development of red blood cells, fetal development, treatment of depression and even heart disease.

17) Kale has vitamin B3: Vitamin B3 or Niacin is a vitamin that has been shown to reduce the risk for heart disease. It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL) too. If that’s not enough, vitamin B3 also helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, cataracts, osteoarthritis and diabetes.

18) Kale lowers cholesterol: Due to the wide variety of helpful vitamins in kale, eating a diet that includes the green, leafy vegetable can help you reduce your cholesterol and contributes to better heart health.

19) Kale helps fight cancer: Kale is high in organosulfur compounds, which have been shown to fight some of the deadliest forms of cancer, including colon cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer.

20) Kale is an anti-inflammatory: While diets high in animal proteins cause inflammation which leads to heart disease, arthritis and a number of autoimmune diseases, the natural anti-inflammatory in kale helps to prevent and even reverse these effects.

21) Kale is sustainable: The typical cow takes 18 – 24 months to grow to maturity (with the help of growth hormones) but kale reaches full maturity in around 60 days. Kale can easily be grown on most any farm and has a very low impact on the environment.

22) Kale is delicious: Maybe this should have been the first item on the list, but better late than never. Kale comes in a wide variety of colors and textures to suit every taste bud. The sheer amount of recipes including kale are staggering, so no matter what your personal tastes are, you will have no problem finding a way to eat kale that you enjoy.

23) Kale helps you lose weight: If you eat foods such as kale as a regular part of a healthy, plant-based diet you can see a lot of weight loss benefits. With so many Americans, and others around the world becoming more obese, finding delicious foods like kale that promote a healthy body and a healthy weight are more important than ever!

24) 50 Varieties: There are over 50 varieties of kale that you can buy and eat. Different types of kale have different tastes, so every taste bud is covered for sure. Depending on how you are going to serve and eat your kale, you will want to try as many varieties as you can find to make sure you have the most delicious one.

25) Kale has lutein and zeaxanthin: Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce these. These two carotenoids help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun and keep your eyesight healthy and clear.

The truth is, this list could be much longer. Kale has so many health benefits and helps our body fight so many ailments that it should be a part of any diet, whether you eat a plant based diet or especially if you are eating a more animal protein based or high fat diet. Whether you steam it, add it to a salad or make home made kale chips to snack on, you can use kale to obtain a healthier body without sacrificing taste!


When I made the switch from a mostly meat diet to a plant-based diet, it really helped me to be educated about the food I was eating, instead of simply being told that something was good for me. I hope you know enough about kale now to give it a try and see why so many people are talking about this healthy food.



Wellness Detective Comments:  Organic food such as organic fruits and vegetables are produced using organic farming methods with limited synthetic inputs and chemical fertlizers. Organic food is not produced using irradiation or chemical food additives.  It is now a regulated industry.  I purchase organic fruits and vegetables from Front Door Organics biweekly and have it delivered to my home.   There are many benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables and which will be summarized here:

  • more nutrient dense-organic food is loaded with more anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • has better taste-try an organic banana to a conventional one and you will see the difference
  • is not irradiated
  • helps in the prevention of certain diseases
  • has life energy force and energizes the body when consumed

Keep in mind with labelling, organic food labels, starts with a 9 and has 5 digits.  Going organic is the beginning of living a healthy lifestyle.  START TODAY!!!



Wellness Detective Comments:   I have been having a lot of garlic lately as I have been experiencing a bit of indigestion in recent weeks.   Garlic has been grated raw and put on my bread with a little butter.   I have found this to be very soothing to my stomach and it has balanced my system out.  As the article mentions below, garlic helps with digestion and this has been definitelly true for me.

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jen_L._Jones_

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7465413

This has to be my battle cry when it comes to all things disease. Anyone who spends any time with me will hear me say again and again and again: “Are you taking garlic?” “Try garlic, it’s a wonderful antibiotic.” “Garlic should be able to nip that cold in the bud.”

Sorry friends, family, loved ones. But garlic is my go-to food when my health starts going south. And my passion rubs off on anyone around me with even the slightest hint of the need for my help.

I use garlic for absolutely everything I can think of. I tend to forget a lot of the natural remedies that I have discovered along the way, but not garlic.

It’s easy, available and EFFECTIVE!

“The role of Garlic Minced as an antiviral and anti-bacterial agent is unsurpassed. There are no… repeat, NO… modern antibiotic drugs in the entire arsenal of medical science that even come close to doing what Garlic can do.” ~John Heinerman, Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Herbs & Spices

Take your garlic fresh if you can. And raw is best. It’s most potent this way. If you cook your garlic (and I do), it doesn’t have the same effect for medicinal purposes. (But it does taste yummy.)

Other effective forms are powdered garlic, garlic oil, or in tablet form. The processing method is crucial to preserve garlic’s potency. Therefore, I only use Kyolic Garlic Capsules when I need a quick boost and don’t have fresh garlic on hand. These capsules have the added benefit of low to no garlic odor.

But remember: fresh raw garlic is best

Garlic is one of the amazing superfoods who’s benefits are amazing and numerous. I’ll list some here, but don’t take my word for it. Do some research of your own and you will be amazed at how many applications there are for this humble little bulb.


It has antibiotic properties “as powerful as penicillin without the side effects” (from The ABC Herbal)




Inhibits candida albicans growth (yeast)

Yeast infections

Bacterial infections


Supports the cardiovascular system

Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels


Lowers blood pressure

Relieves dizziness

Relieves shortness of breath


Aids digestion


Remedy for infectious diseases

Worm expeller

Soothes diarrhea

Destroys harmful intestinal bacteria without affecting the beneficial organisms



Irritable bowel

Kills and expels parasites



Heals acne, skin spots and boils

clears minor skin infections


Promotes perspiration

Lice, skin parasites


Remedy for whooping cough

Anti cancer



Sore Throats






Expels phlegm



Sinus, respiratory problems

Respiratory problems



Improves cognitive functioning

Detoxifies all the body systems

Protects against infection

Builds endurance and energy




Joint issues


It increases blood flow to the brain

Stimulates the flow of blood and lymph

Blood purifier

I’m going to lift the cover to my medicinal tool chest and show you how we use garlic to stay healthy in my house. Super easy. Super effective.


Garlic Oil: Crush a fresh clove in a tablespoon of warm oil. Let sit 5 minutes. Strain. Use two drops per ear, three times daily.

Respiratory Issues

Garlic Press: Crush a fresh clove inside a folded paper towel. Pour hot water over it and wring out. Apply to chest for 90 seconds.

Garlic in Honey: Mince half a clove, coat with honey in a teaspoon. Take orally twice daily.

Head Cold

Garlic Press: Crush a fresh clove inside a folded paper towel. Pour hot water over it and wring out. Apply to the soles of feet

Sore Throat

Garlic Press: Crush a fresh clove inside a folded paper towel. Pour hot water over it and wring out. Apply to neck and feet.

Garlic Water Gargle: Pour hot water over crushed garlic, strain, and gargle.

Topical Infection

Garlic Press: Place a tablespoon of minced garlic in paper towel. Pour hot water over it. Steep for 30 seconds. Apply to infected area for two minutes.

Prevention is the best cure. Get on it early and you won’t get sick. At the first sign of illness immediately administer a dose of garlic and honey. Continue for a minimum of two days.

Now, about that cold.

You should take some garlic… it’s a wonderful antibiotic (smile).

Jen Jones is passionate about healthy weight loss and living life to the fullest. Register for a personalized wellness consultation, or sign up for more great advice here, where extreme wellness is sexy!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jen_L._Jones_

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7465413





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